Israel Trip 2024


There are a few places on earth that have the capacity to affect a life as does Israel. No where else in the world is there such a unique collision between the ancient and the modern. Whether walking the streets of Metropolitan Tel Aviv, or placing your hand and reflective prayer on the iconic western wall, the breadth of culture and history represented in the land is absolutely staggering.

Considering a pilgrimage to this amazing place invokes serious reflection and consideration. There are costs to consider, time to commit and soul searching to be done. All of these surely work together for the good for the reward of such travel is a deep stirring of the soul.

You’ve probably heard the testimony that one returning from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land is forever changed. There is an abiding appreciation in connection to the promises of God, His chosen people, and the life and work of His Son, Jesus Christ.


Enrich your life. Make the journey. Be forever changed.


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